Impact ondernemen: Hoe doe je dat (niet)?

Daniel Cohen Stuart

Ben je zelf veel bezig met het maken van impact of benieuwd hoe dit in zijn werk gaat? Kom dan langs tijdens deze masterclass waarin Daniel Cohen Stuart, mede-oprichter en huidige CEO van Ragnarøk Clothing, zijn eigen ervaring deelt en jullie meeneemt in de DOs en DONTs van het impact ondernemen.


Daniel Cohen Stuart is mede-oprichter en huidige CEO van Ragnarøk Clothing.

Op de site van Ragnarøk Clothing staat:

Pollution, consumerism, mass production, unsustainable materials. You sometimes look at the world and can’t help but think:

“What is going on?!”|

You feel frustrated, but you choose to move forward, because you know there’s more. Even if the way forward means going against all you know. But it’s okay, because you are not alone.

Like you, many others are choosing to get back to the roots. Choosing to reconnect. And Ragnarøk is right there with you.

For everyone out there with a soul for change-making & a mind for what’s good.

For everyone who doesn’t conform or compromise.

For everyone wanting to say what they think.

For everyone willing to swim against the current.

For everyone ready for change.

For you.


Bedankt voor je deelname!